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PC Registry Cleaners 2007 - Overview

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PC's today get cluttered with more damaging data, junk, and extra files than ever.  This results in poor PC performance, frequent system crashes, slow Internet connections and worse.  Fortunately there are some great software downloads that you can use to fix things.  We've reviewed dozens of them and selected several of the best that will get your PC running faster and more stable than ever.  These easy to use programs can have your PC cleaned and tuned up in no time.

Common PC Errors
A good Registry Cleaner will clean and repair thousands of types of errors.  Some of the more common of these include:

Runtime Error - An error that occurs during the execution of a program.
ActiveX Error - An error caused by certain browser settings and misconfigured system files.
DLL Error - Missing or corrupt .dll files often occur when removing or installing a program.
.exe Error - Often occur during system or program start up due to unneeded files in the Windows registry.
General Protection Fault - Occurs when a program that is running violates the hardware rules in some way.
Blue Screen of Death - Occurs when Windows cannot recover from a system error.  Usually requires a reboot.
Windows Explorer Error - A dirty registry may cause Windows Explorer to get stuck in a loop.
iExplore or iExplorer Error - An error related to  your Internet Explorer browser often causing it to shut down.
Access Violation - An error that occurs when an application tries to access storage not designated for it.
System32 Error - An error often caused by missing or corrupt system files.
Windows Installer Error - Caused by 3rd party "shell extensions" resulting in a white screen and/or crash.

Blue Screen of Death Errors
For non techy people that need a solution because they have a "Blue Screen Error" crash that happens whenever you do the following:

1) Loading Microsoft Applications

2) Playing Games

3) Using a Tally software

4) You moved your mouse

This error that you have is the Blue Screen of Death aka BSOD, where the computer screen turns blue, and asks if you have installed any new hardware or software and informs that you need to reboot your computer to fix this error.

Bottom Line
Your first line of attack in fixing PC errors and getting your computer running at top speed again is to use a good Registry Cleaner. 
Registry Fix is super easy to use, offers the most in-depth scan, a very high satisfaction rate and is our top choiceRegCure is also effective and very simple to use and comes in second followed by Error Nuker.


  Comparisons of Top PC Registry Cleaners


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Ease of Use





Registry Fix - #1 Pick

Registry Fix Free Registry Scan The easiest to use and most thorough registry cleaner we have found. Very High /
Very High
Our top choice.
Great interface and very in-depth scan.  Our test machines ran blazing fast after cleaning them with Registry Fix.
9.8 / 10



RegCure - #2 Pick

RegCure Free Registry Scan Has one of  the nicest "feels" of any registry cleaner that we tested. High /
Very High
One click and RegCure goes to work.  This is a solid registry cleaner for non-technical people. 9.7 / 10



Error Nuker - #3 Pick

Error Nuker Free Registry Scan Does just what you ask it to - no more, no less. High /
Easy Error Nuker offers a good ease of use and fast scanning but did not catch some of the errors on our test machines. 9.5 / 10



PC On Point Has a nice professional feel to it.  Covers the main points without going into a lot of detail. Moderate to High /
Easy PC On Point is gaining in popularity.  Not quite as thorough as our top picks but fixed the key errors. 9.2 / 10



Error Doctor Slick interface and fairly thorough scans. Moderate /
Moderate to High
Easy to Moderate Found a lot of errors during our testing but many of them were non-critical issues like Windows Shortcuts. 8.7 / 10


   Bonus:  Free Top Rated Scan for Spyware


XoftSpySE Free XoftSpy Scan for Spyware Once you clean your registry  you'll want to get rid of the #1 cause of future registry issues:
Very High /
Very High
Our Top Spyware Remover pick.
Finds, categorizes and assesses over 44,000 threats to your computer quickly and easily for free.
9.8 / 10



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